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A guide to start earning money with NeoBux.

So, what is NeoBux?

NeoBux is a website which pays its users to view regular Internet ads. This guide helps you to get started earning money with NeoBux without spending a single cent.

The key to success with NeoBux is referrals, which means referred members (from now on called ”refs”). If you don’t own any refs, you won’t make any money.

The easiest way to obtain refs is to rent them directly from NeoBux. In other words you rent another member from NeoBux (no programmed bots) without this persons knowledge. This way you earn money each time any of your refs clicks an ad. If you rent an inactive ref, who doesn’t click ads, this person won’t generate any money for you. Therefore you can choose to recycle a ref and replace it with a new one, but more about that later.

The only ”catch” is that you won’t make 20 dollars per day in the beginning, it will take some time to get started. You will only make a few cents to start with – but be patient! When you choose not to invest any money, you will have to wait a little longer until you reach larger amounts. If you choose to invest, things will naturally speed up, but it’s entirely up to you.

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